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Terms and Conditions

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Virtual Estimate Requests

If you are requesting a virtual (phone/email) estimate, site unseen, pictures are required. This estimate will be a preliminary estimate that is non-binding. A final labor estimate will be issued before any work is performed, if other factors that affect pricing are observed. These factors may include, but are not limited to: risks to performing the service, demolition services, customizations and modifications necessary to perform the service, etc. For the best estimate, please upload accurate pictures that best depict the work to be performed.

Invoice Adjustments

Initial estimates will only include labor cost. Customer should perform the research on the item/model they need to get a sense of cost for a replacement model/part. If Customer requires the purchase of materials and approves the purchase of a specific model in advance, for example, a garbage disposal unit, the Customer can purchase the item on their own or request, in advance, that the item be purchased by Underdog. The cost of the item will be added to the invoice upon completion of the job and receipts will be provided.


In addition, if Customer has expressed that a specific number of items in their opinion should be repaired or replaced, for example, 10 boards on a fence, the preliminary estimate will include that amount. Once Underdog is onsite and reviews the project, the initial estimate may require adjustment. For example, it is determined that to complete the job to meet satisfaction and quality guidelines, additional boards are recommended to be repaired or replaced. The initial estimate must be updated to reflect any extra materials (boards in this example) or work that is necessary to complete the job professionally. Customer will be notified of recommended modifications before the work commences.

Additional Costs

Material Pick-Ups: Additional cost may be incurred if heavy or large volume materials need to be picked up for a job. For example, pickup of a new toilet at Home Depot.


Material Disposal: Any items replaced remain the property of the home/business owner. If materials, for example a mattress, needs to be removed from the premises, an additional cost may be incurred by the home/business owner.

Landlord Policy:

If Customer is a landlord, and they will not be onsite when the service is provided to a tenant, Landlord will be held responsible for 100% of payment of any services rendered to the tenant. In addition, the amount must be prepaid in full in advance of service completion. If Landlord will be on site when services are rendered to tenant, a 50% deposit is required in advance and the remaining 50% is due, in person, upon completion of the services. Underdog shall not be held responsible for any reimbursement agreements between tenant and Landlord.

Business Customer Policy:

If a Customer is a business that cannot issue payment in full at the time services are rendered, a 50% deposit is required in advance and the remaining 50% is due within ten (10) business days of the completion of the services rendered.

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